bringing the ethereum blockchain to wordpress

bloqpress simplifies the process of deploying your own smart contracts

BloqPress is a WordPress e-Wallet plugin that can communicate with both public and private Ethereum networks without needing to store or transmit private keys. It supports both WP Multisite setups as well as BuddyPress social networks, whilst featuring fully documented hooks and filters for developers.


BloqPress features a versatile MIT OpenSource license whilst allowing for direct communication with nodes - without needing to store or transmit any sensitve data, which in-turn removes any reliance upon third-party API providers.



BloqPress not only extends the core WordPress functionality in multiple ways, but also utilizes the WordPress action hook and filtering system to enable the e-Wallet to be transformed into fully functioning distributed enterprise applications.



BloqPress can support multiple networks that are able to utilize shared accounts capable of including multiple ERC20 token and ERC721 asset supplies as well as integrated smart contract explorers for launching and interacting with dApps.


bloqpress is easily extended by add-ons with several examples included

BloqPress includes three example add-ons within its download package that were designed to showcase how specific external protocols and existing open standards can be integrated within the e-Wallet, whist also demonstrating each of the documented hooks and filters available to developers.


DN-Key is a protocol that utilizes DNS TXT records to broadcast public cryptographic keys and distributed application end-points such as payment addresses.



BlockAuth is a protocol that utilizes DN-Keys and smart contracts to provide a self-sovereign digital identity system that can also be used for e-KYC.



Everstore is a protocol that utilizes smart contracts in order to provide a distributed key value store designed to simplify and enhance token and asset creation.


bloqpress is built around opensource ideals but its growth depends on you