create and manage dynamic web content you own without relying on central services or databases







although this current pre-alpha is meant as a proof of concept - it already features the following working functionality:
AGNOSTIC WALLET is built upon a HTML5 browser based Ethereum wallet that can connect to any network and process any ERC20 tokens and (or) ERC721 assets


import and interact with any smart contract on any network - read public view functions for free or pay to use publicly available write functionality


the dynamic content found throught the various example implementations of is powered by an exteniable system of upgradabable smart contracts




some of the benefits of using a smart contract based cms such as include:




FREEDOM provides a censorship resistant environment, where all dynamic data is stored within a distributed network - where websites become optional

ACCOUNTABILITY provides an inescapable tamper proof audit trail of every action undertaken by every user of the system that can be independently verified


users are authenticated with internet enabled devices that do not store or transmit usernames, passwords or private keys anywhere at anytime

some examples of in action


other projects utilizing include:

Preserve your digital legacy and protect your online footprint with your autonomous contracts


Universal simulation featuring game mechanics and multiple token and asset supplies


Wakaful is democratizing Islamic Finance through Smart Contracts for Wakf and Takaful




this website is powered by is an R1 project