About BloqPress

BloqPress has been in development since 2014 when Neuroware launched its bitcoin HTML5 wallet that was called BrainControl. This later evolved into a blockchain agnostic framework referred to as blockstrap, all of which was funded by 500 Startups but ceased operations in 2016.

Original BrainControl Wallet released in 2014
The original braincontrol wallet released in 2014

In 2017 R1 forked the code and set-out to create an Ethereum wallet that was specifically designed for smart contracts and only available as a WordPress plugin. The first wave of private beta testing was conducted by the Blockchain Embassy, from where – in 2018, BloqPress was selected by the Securities Commission of Malaysia for a national blockchain pilot project.

R1 spent much of 2019 preparing the code to be released under a versatile MIT OpenSource license, with the first publicly available version (v3.0.1) launching with the following functionality:


Ability to securely send and receive Ether, ERC20 tokens and ERC721 assets to both public and private networks without storing keys.



Fully functional smart contract explorer with ability to easily launch your own ERC20 token and ERC721 asset supplies.



Integrated with DN-Key and BlockAuth to provide optional e-KYC and username wallet addresses replacing cryptographic keys.